This year-round program is NOT designed for those brand new to the sport. It is designed for youth wrestlers 7-15 y.o. who have 2-4+ years experience and are interested in seasonal competition. It is designed for those who will develop into competitive wrestlers from our coaches  n Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman.  

Correct wrestling mindset is addressed along with the drills, techniques, situational and live wrestling that will allow wrestlers to improve and enhance their performance while still having fun. Staying engaged and in love with our sport is crucial to developing sound fundamentals and passion.

Youths in this program will be in a positive environment learning to work hard with other respectful & humble young, passionate wrestlers. Students in this class will also have FREE access to our Judo & Greco-Roman programs, however, purchase or borrowing of a Judo gi is necessary for Judo. The Judo program typically starts at the end of Spring.

Life choices, work ethic, honesty, humility, charity, integrity and other character development aspects will also be stressed in this program. Our goal is to develop leaders and winners on and off the mat, not followers.  We will review the WRESTLER'S CREED every practice. Please see the image below.

Youths in this program will continue to increase their wrestling technical skills and overall athleticism, movement skills, hand speed, coordination, core strength, balance, flexibility and power all while making friends, learning sportsmanship and be invited to compete in local and regional competition.

Huntington Beach (HB) Residents' training location is Rodgers Center (address: 1706 Orange Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, at the corner of 17th St. & Orange Ave.). Sign-ups for this location can be handled online at HB SANDS. Just do a keyword search for "novice wrestling". Late sign-ups can be pro-rated by walking into Murdy Recreation Center or the HB CITY GYM and asking to be pro-rated by the administrative clerk at the front desk.

To Sign-Up for this class through the HB SANDS please visit  and either do an Activity Search using 341350 or a Key Word Search unse the word wrestling. The class starts on 06/25/19 and ends 09/05.19.

To Sign-Up for this class through the HB SANDS please visit and either do an Activity Search using 341350 or a Key Word Search unse the word wrestling. The class starts on 06/25/19 and ends 09/05.19.

Youth wrestlers signed up for the HB SANDS Program may also attend OCG Santa Ana practices at no extra cost, thereby increasing the number of training days from two (2) to four (4) for increased physical conditioning and more rapid improvement, however, they must sign a Liability Waiver. Please execute this document and email it to and hand the Program Director the original copy of the Liability Waiver.

The HB Sands/Rodgers Center Training Schedule is: Tuesdays and Thursdays, year-round, 6:45-8:00PM at Rodgers Center, 1706 Orange Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92648. Parking is available in the rear lot.

For those who desire to enroll in any programs at our Santa Ana location please click here & here, please fill out both links.

The OCG/Santa Ana Training Schedule is: Mondays and Wednesdays,  6:00-7:30PM at Santa Ana HS Wrestling Room, 520 W. Walnut St., Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Questions? Ask them here.



This style is for high school & NCAA competition in the USA, and is not used in international competition. Folkstyle concentrates on 'control'. The wrestler on top must constantly work towards a pin while the wrestler on the bottom must continually try to escape or reverse. Folkstyle is similar to Freestyle in that for some of the time both wrestlers are on their feet and attempting to take each other to the mat in order to gain control.

We tend to train most in Folkstyle in Fall & Winter and the rest of the year focus on Freestyle, Greco-Roman and new technique acquisition. This does not include Judo year-round.



This style concentrates on attacking the entire body of the opponent focusing on exposure of the back to the mat. 

Since back exposure is emphasized, a wrestler can easily score points or pin himself by exposing his own back unless he is very careful how he performs his movements.

One more very important point about both Freestyle and Greco-Roman is that there is no penalty for failed moves. If a wrestler attempts a takedown and ends up being taken down by his opponent, his opponent does not score points.



One area that CA wrestling differs from the rest of the nation, is on the ground. In the Mid-West and East, states like IA, OH & PA tend to pressure CA wrestlers once the match hits the ground. At OCG we spend a lot of time honing our groundwork, focusing on pinning, not getting pinned and how to get off the bottom. Technique, drilling, live situations are used to build strength and muscle memory in these positions.

All you need to do is bring your youth dressed in PE or gym clothes and don't forget two (2) large water bottles.

Wrestling shoes, kneepads, headgear are not necessary and 100% optional, however, if you feel that you would like to buy anything feel free to visit WrestlingMart at 22 Mauchly, Irvine, CA 92618 or call the store at 949-753-1994. 

Also, please do not feed your children candy, sugary foods or junk food before practice. Thank you.