co-ed Beginner YOUTH WRESTLING

Nothing is more invigorating and exciting than Youth Beginner Recreational Wrestling!! It’s filled with wrestling games and fun drills to create mobility, physical awareness, dexterity and strength. Athleticism is created like no other sport. It’s also a time of intense mental & physical exploration as well as confidence growth. Youths increase their communication skills, the socially appropriate pushing of personal boundaries and learn to give and earn the respect they crave. Through hard work and accomplishment of daily goals they become little leaders, leaders of one. But it’s a START!

Our Co-Ed Beginner Youth Wrestling program is designed for youth (ages 5-14 y.o.) who are either brand new or somewhat new to the sport of amateur wrestling. Youths typically in their first three years of the sport. After three years - youths should be ready for our Intermediate Program which is more about preparation for competition at the local and regional level.

As of mid-Sept. (9/16/19) we have entered our Fall Wrestling Sessions on both our campuses (Huntington Beach’s Rodgers Center & Santa Ana High School’s Girls Wrestling Room). This is the best time to learn to wrestle for enjoyment and a time when youth can deepen their appreciation for the sport and all the fun it has to offer.

When true Beginners we do not recommend competition in the form of actual tournaments, unless a youth is unusually mentally resilient. Remember this is an individual combative sport, not a team sport where noone notices if one makes a mistake. Therfore, for True Beginners, the highest level of competition we would suggest would be perhaps a non-scoring beginner scrimmage. This is the time for discovery & skill growth not competition.

How To Sign Up or Enroll at our santa ana H.S. program

OC/IE/LA Residents living close to Santa Ana High School at 520 W. Walnut St., Santa Ana CA 92701 can enroll your youth here, . Please be aware that in signing up for this program you are signing up to train in a culture of excellence. Santa Ana HS siblings and the youth of alumni will be working out with your children. Your child will be part of a program that are 29-time consecutive HS League Champs, have won CIF-SS 13-times, and placed 4th in CIF State as a team out of 700 teams. This program has yielded many HS CIF state placers and even HS national champions. These are accolades that no team in Huntington Beach or Fountain Valley have ever come close to. BTW, the Girls Program in Santa Ana are even tougher! Another great program for Wrestling. Soif you have any questions, just call 714-907-5591 or email us. Late sign-ups can be pro-rated by asking the Program Director.

Also, before coming to a practice, please fill out a Waiver Form #1 from here, email it to us per the instructions on the form and give the original to the Program Director at the first practice.

How To Sign Up or Enroll for our huntington beach program

OC Residents living close to downtown Huntington Beach the HB SANDS is the best way to sign up, just look for activity # 441349. If you have any issues, just call 714-960-8895 or email us. Late sign-ups can be pro-rated by visiting the staff at the Murdy Park Rec Center at 7000 Norma Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92647 and signing up for activity # 441349 in person.

The downtown HB practices are held at Practices are held at Rodgers Center at 1706 Orange Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92648. The center is at the corner or 17th St. & Orange Ave.. The best parking for this center is in the gated rear parking lot in the back of the building.

HB youth wrestlers signed up for HB SANDS youth wrestling get a GREAT VALUE. They may also may attend our Santa Ana practices at no extra cost on M/W/F, increasing the number of possible training days from two (2) to five (5) for increased physical conditioning and rapid improvement.


Our coaches are role models, passionate, vetted, background checked and most are volunteering their time to give their wisdom and experience to others. They are PAYING IT FORWARD. These coaches’ jobs are to guide, instruct and provide a safe, positive environment where everyone feels supported grows to fully appreciate the sport. For the good of the whole class, our coaches are not there to babysit or appease anyone. Discipline, respect and appropriate communication earn fun and play time. Noone is entitled to anything they do not earn. So expect discipline in the room with fun having a place in the mix as long as there is respect. If your child refuses to listen, lashes out in anger when he/she does not get what they want, is moody, prone to outbursts, has a disobedient streak, needs to be periodically consoled by you the parent, this class might not be the right program for your child.

The schedule above is a forward-looking document subject to change at any moment.

The schedule above is a forward-looking document subject to change at any moment.

The above schedule is downloadable here.


The emphasis of this program is on the 3 F's of wrestling:  Fun, Friendship & FUNdamentals and Wrestling's 7 Basic Skills. This is not a time when kids need to be thinking about highly competitive tournaments, they just need to be learning, having fun and and adding physical & mental skills.

Continue below for further info.

By "Fun" we mean that youth will be playing "wrestling games" learning a multitude of new athletic skills, as well as stance, movement head and hand position. The movement patterns necessary for the sport. This part is intensely "Fun" -  learning how to use their heads, hands, hips, feet, tumbling, balancing, jumping, increasing their body awareness, strength and athleticism while working on gymnastics rolls. 

By "Friendship" we mean your child will make friends in the room, learn to be a good partner, help your partners up and how to play games ethically earning the camaraderie & trust of other youth.

By "FUNdamentals" we mean your youth will learn the physical skills they will need as a wrestler to execute basic wrestling techniques. We will begin to establish a foundation of wrestling movement patterns and skill-games through group games where kids can develop confidence, muscle and dexterity. We use games which enhance athleticism by developing speed, strength, power, level-change & directional change capabilities, all while having fun & increasing core strength.


  1. No youth may talk back to any coach, to their parents, partners or speaking poorly about the sport of wrestling. This is not tolerated and is grounds for removal from either the practice or the club. Youths who talk back to adults or others are NOT leaders. Wrestlers are LEADERS!

  2. When coaches ask your child to show technique they require “hustle”, not rolling of eyes or slow feet. Any youth that does not show “hustle” when asked to show technique twice in a practice will be asked to leave the room.

  3. When a coach corrects a youth wrestler’s technique, the youth will yell back “Thanks Coach” because the coach is doing his/her job.

  4. No crying in the room or holding on to their parents like a baby during practice.

  5. When we win we say “nice match” and when we lose we say “nice match”. Alwasy show Sportsmanship everywhere.

  6. No showing up late to practice and leaving early. Period. If your youth does this more than once a quarter, they will be removed from the Practice or Club. This shows lack of respect to your partners andf the Program.

  7. Parents may not coach their kids from the sidelines. After practice or before is fine. Bring a pen & paper but do not coach your kids. That is the coaches’ job. If you have concerns talk or email the Coach at


  1. It is okay to dress in regular PE clothes, but we would prefer all wretlers wear OCG Tee Shirts ($15 for 1 tee or $20 for two shirts) or Rash guards (Youth sizes are $20-$30 ).

  2. PE or other workout shorts without pockets.

  3. Bring a large water bottle, please no gatorade or soda.

  4. Have groomed finger nails and if your kids are practicing barefoot make sure their feet are clean.

  5. Head gear is not need initially and neither are wrestling shoes, but as you see your child enjoy the sport more, wrestling shoes and kneepads will be a good investment.

For Santa Ana Youth Beginner Wrestling Families we accept multiple forms of payment: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Check or Credit Card. If paying via check, it must be made out to “Orange County Grappling - OCG”. We do not prefer parents pay for any services via cash unless it’s very small such a tee shirt, rashguard etc..


Scholarships are available if one or more parents or guardian are unemployed or if the family economic situation makes this a necessity to allow the kids to train. To apply for a Scholarship please fill-out both the Scholarship Form, Fundraising and Volunteer Forms (in Section 2) and be ready to donate some of your time to help us. We are looking for involved parents. You may download the three (3) forms here: . After filling out the forms please scan or take a picture of each form and email them to .

Feel free to call us directly at 714-907-5591 or text to this number if you have any questions or concerns.

Stand-up games help youths build up their appreciation of "hustle" as well as lower leg & core strength, balance and confidence.

Stand-up games help youths build up their appreciation of "hustle" as well as lower leg & core strength, balance and confidence.

Footwork & quickness

Footwork is the root of propelling a person in all directions.  Beginner recreational wrestlers will play footwork games to enhance mobility based on successful sports performance and track sprint programs. The footwork enhancement will translate to all other sports.

Proprioception is increased through pushing, pulling & balance games. All these qualities are enhanced by Sumo-like games.

Proprioception is increased through pushing, pulling & balance games. All these qualities are enhanced by Sumo-like games.

Hand-eye coordination & grip strength

The old idiom, "The hand is quicker than the eye", is a well known fact. At OCG we use a number of super-fun youth games to enhance hand speed, grip strength and effect overall hand-eye coordination. In wrestling the hands are the second line of defense. So we develop this area.

Just like gymnasts, wrestlers learn tumbling so they can fall without getting hurt and roll, and bounce back to their feet using technique.

Just like gymnasts, wrestlers learn tumbling so they can fall without getting hurt and roll, and bounce back to their feet using technique.

core Stability, core strength & power development

We help youths develop core stability and core strength by utilizes uber-fun  games to improve both areas along with power development through plyometric games. The result is easy to see increases in quickness and strength in multiple positions.