This is an amazing opportunity to connect with, influence and nourish the next generation of America's leaders. ORANGE COUNTY GRAPPLING can use your help to grow the youth wrestling in Orange County. We employ a team approach at every level, egos are left at the door, valuing a collaborative effort by committed, passionate people who put the kids FIRST! Now what we mean by putting the kids first to look long-term at their goals and needs, not short-term. Our goal is to build character, compassion for others, support their learning, creativity and objectivity while teaching them strong life choices, setting goals, mental toughness and the importance of discipline and NEVER QUITTING. We are a young and growing organization, filled with old deep knowledge of the sport, how our sport benefits youth and teens and we welcome the chance to connect with new people who are invested in our mission.

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We are dedicated to inclusively growing youth wrestling in Orange County (& parts of LA County).

But we can't do it alone. We need volunteers to help us do everything from distributing flyers, to running wrestling practices, tournaments, clinics, scrimmages. 

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