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“Our mission is to use our Wrestling, Grappling/BJJ, Judo & Academic programs combined with mentoring as vehicles for positive change, equipping females with the tools to overcome obstacles to education, confidence, self-respect, growth, fitness and personal success.”

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The future of women's wrestling is in our hands

Dear OCG Girl Wrestling Parents,

OCG is now going to start to take some brave steps for your daughter. We want to know if you’re with us or not. These steps we believe will pay off radically in the future.

Our goal is to help develop your daughter’s strength of character while building a team wherein each female athlete will learn to win at LIFE and have FUN doing it.

Why do we think we can do this?

The strategies of winning at Life and in Wrestling are very similar. Simply put, we will teach each athlete to hold themselves to higher standard and how to achieve that standard through reasonable expectations. It will all start with the development of empowered, independent, resilient, consistent, team players, we will try to teach our girl wrestlers how to become non-narcissistic winners & champions in the future. We will develop female athletes who can form a team, a tight-knit Girls Only Team. Fundamentally, we will teach them to lose with grace and win with humility and honor and have compassion for each other, how to have each others’ backs. This will give them extreme advantages in Life which we all know “is not fair”.  

Further, we will teach these girls to have the courage to accept defeat and expand their skills at all times by forming an understanding that in order to, a) reduce their chances of defeat in the future, b) put their lives on an elevated trajectory of success in the future, they MUST be accountable to increase their skills sets throughout life.

The team goal is TO BUILD A TEAM OF WINNERS…each youth sharpening the others. A group that will not win matches, but championships. Champions win the largest number of games over the longest span of time. This will carry over for college and beyond.

That said, this GIRLS ONLY team will go through three (3) simple steps:

FALL 2018 Step 1 – Embrionic – Logo Creation, Team Colors & Uniforms,  Philosophy (“WHY”), VALUES and VISION. Identify the actions that support our WHY, VALUES and VISION.  Develop each of our Youth Athletes individually, Video progress, conduct interviews for content on own FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and Website (design). Post videos create buzz.

WINTER/SPRING 2019 Step 2 -  Source Funding for own uniforms, a Female Coach, Run All-Girl Tournaments, Clinics and secure womens wrestling sponsors. Securing Tutoring/Guided Study for academics for female athletes.

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 Step 3 – Create own entity (EIN#), non-profit organization and website. Secure (paid?) female coaching, practices and times, wrestling room, etc..

Girls Wrestling Enrollment Step One (non-financial) is below

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Enter your full legal name here. Must be over 10 y.o..
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Girls Wrestling Enrollment Step two (financial) is below link

For Step Two Enrollment for the Girls Wrestling Program click here or navigate or try a FREE practice or two then fill out STEP 2 and choose from OPTION 3.0 - 3.2