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adult wrestling

Start Date: We are a Year-Round Program

Times: 4 days per week ( Mon.-Thur. see schedule below)

This forward-looking document is strictly for reference purposes. Check with Program Director for specific dates.

This forward-looking document is strictly for reference purposes. Check with Program Director for specific dates.


Cost: $50.00 per month. 3 months per quarter. Payments can be made via Zelle, VENMO, PayPal or via check made out to: Orange County Grappling - OCG.

Our QR Code for VENMO is here ->.

OPEN Tournaments: Starting in March through Summer, AAU & USAW. For USA Regional and National Tournament please click here. We will also be holding our own local tournaments with OPEN division brackets at Santa Ana High School as “tune ups” for these larger regional tournaments.

Training Location: Girls Wrestling Room, Santa Ana High School, 520W. Walnut St., Santa Ana, CA 92701.

How To Join: Scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill-out the ADULT ENROLLMENT FORM. After your first class you can pay here using OPTION 9A or 9B.

Waiver Forms & Insurance: Fill-out Waiver form #1 one here, and hand to Program Director.

If you do not have an AAU Card please get one. It’s only about $20.00 for Adults and well worth it for the insurance and coverage. Coverage is from 9/1/xx to 8/31/yy.

If you do not have your USA Wrestling Card go to page and scroll down to Section II. After you recieve your USA Wrestling Card please fill-out the USAW Waiver and hand it to the Program Director.

If you do not have your AAU Wrestling Card go to page and scroll down to Section III. After you recieve your AAU Wrestling Card please fill-out the AAU Waiver and hand it to the Program Director.

You do not need two Cards, one is fine.

Tournament Summary: We will hold five (5) AAU Tournaments, attend USAW tourneys with OPEN division brackets and will attend qualifiers for Cal OPEN -> US OPEN.

Local Competition: We will seek out training & competition against other wrestling clubs locally that have Adult/Open Div. teams. If the other teams have enough weight classes we will entertain having a Dual Meet with them.

Practice Uniforms & hygiene: Wear what you felt comfortable from your prior club, high school or college practices. Make sure you are clean and preferably showered, your fingernails are groomed and hands clean (bringing your own hand sanitizer encouraged). No one likes to practice with unhygienic partners. If you desire a Rash Guard, etc., inform the Program Director as we have a good relationships with firms like ClinchGear, etc..

Wrestling Shoes & Competition Singlets: You may order and OCG Singlet, which we encourage, or you may order your singlets and shoes from WrestlingMart.

Definition of LUNATIC FRINGE : the members of a usually political or social movement espousing extreme, eccentric, or fanatical views. The term was first coined by Theodore Roosevelt, an avid wrestler prior to becoming president of our country.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. If you are looking for a place to roll at once in a while for free, we are not your destination. . Feel free to move on and keep rolling from gym to gym never being sure where you caught your last ringworm. If you are interested in training to compete and be revitalized by the sport, this could be your destination. Wrestling camaraderie even as an adult, is being part of something bigger than yourself again, forming friendships with other like-minded individuals who think pulling guard is for the weak, come with us. Train again to compete in Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman in tournaments, we hold here at Santa Ana H.S. as well as up north like the California Open. Be part of the only Adult Wrestling Club in Orange County, with an all-girls program, a youth and high school program. Consider being part of a family of wrestlers of all ages again.

This is what we are. Wrestlers. We believe Wrestling is both a family sport and a blue collar sport, ie. you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to do it, but everything worth anything comes with a cost.

While many BJJ dojos are charging a hundred to two hundred a month all over the Orange County, there are virtually no "Wrestling Only" venues. Wrestling's culture is being absorbed into BJJ, MMA and other martial arts which is not necessarily good for Wrestling. 

We are not the same as BJJ, Judo or MMA so why are we falling into their program? We are the word's oldest sport, our sport has never been driven by money or wealth and we deserve better.

Wrestling enrollment numbers in high school have been declining six (6) years in a row at last count. Why? Because their are too few leaders, adults still living the life, role models and citizens who wrestle. You can’t grow a sport from the sidelines.

So why not create an organization and environment where wrestling families can work out together?  Why is it only BJJ can do this? We say that's RUBBISH!! We are going to rebuild wrestling numbers one family at a time before it's lost and dropped by every high school in OC.

OCG is changing this by helping to not only assist existing WRESTLING FAMILIES but create new WRESTLING FAMILIES. We provide a safe, fun and dynamic environment where off-season high school, ex-collegiate and ex-high school and college wrestlers can bring their wives, children and themselves to one place to work out with other wrestlers. While your sons and daughters are working out why not get your own wrestling work out in? 

All we ask is two things from our wrestlers.

1. Warm-up fully before going "live" and don’t go “live” on your first day for more than three (3) minutes if you haven’t wrestled in a while. You will regret it the following day.

2. Fill-out both our Waivers on www.oc-grappling.org/forms/ and email them in PDF Format to info@oc-grappling.org and turn in the originals to your Program Director or Coach. 

3. To Sign-Up for our Adult Wrestling Program, fill out the Form below.

Adult Wrestling

Clinics * Live Wrestling * Drilling * Technique * Strategy * Tournaments 

Folkstyle * FrEeestyle * Greco-Roman Wrestling

  • Monthly Training Cost: $ 50.00 - (cash/check/paypal/venmo) PayPal link click here , Venmo

  • Quarterly Training Cost: $ 150.00 - (cash/check/paypal/venmo) PayPal link click here , Venmo

  • Team Singlets: $ 40.00 - $70.00* (cash/check/paypal/venmo) PayPal link click here , Venmo

  • Leader Headgear: $ 40.00 - $50.00* (cash/check/paypal/venmo) PayPal link click here , Venmo

    Electronic payments are preferred (Zelle, Venmo, PayPal). But if you need to write a check, please make all checks payable to Orange County Grappling - OCG.


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