OCG scholarship PAGE

If you have been directed to this page, your family has been identified for a potential 2019 OCG Scholarship. However, we DO NOT guarantee scholarships, they must be qualified for.

Also, all scholarships ARE subject to acceptance of certain responsibilities. If you or your son or daughter believe you are unable to accept any of these responsibilities, you should not apply for a scholarship - "There are no free lunches. Everything is earned in Wrestling."

After reading the responsibilities below, please download all forms, print them, sign at the bottom as well as where designated and return via email (to ocysa.accntng@gmail.com) and hand the hard copies to your Program Director. When emailing in your forms to  be sure to write in your student's name in the header of the email as well as the words "2018 OCYSA or OCG Scholarship". 

Part One – General Responsibilities please read

  • 1) Must show up at least 15-minutes before the first practice, or scrimmage starts to help set-up practice area or clean room. Failure to do so will result in necessary arrival being changed to 30-minutes prior to the next practice.

  • 2) If requested by a coach, participant should stay 5 to 15-minutes late to help clean or at minimum offer to help clean room prior to departure.

  • 3) Must help with one OCG Fundraiser per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) to assist with a team functions, such as help at a scrimmage, tournament, cooking food, serving food, cleaning table or setting up for a group party, etc..

  • 4) Must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher by first quarter of 2019

  • 5) Participant youth must not have any truancies at school.

  • 6) Participant youth must maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average after the third quarter. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • 7) If any of the above are not met, student must meet with a tutor as directed by Program Director.

  • 8) Participant youth must comply with OCG Policies, and must not act in a manner which brings discredit upon oneself, OCG, its coaches, volunteers, other scholarship recipients, or the program(s) attended by recipient, or recipient.

  • 9) Participant youth must show up to a minimum of two (2) practices per week. Failure to attend regular practices will result in loss of privileges as determined by the Program Director, such as tournament privileges, free clothing, free shoes, clinics, scrimmage or tournament competition.

Failure to comply with any of the above WILL result in removal from the OCG Scholarship Program.

If you are applying for a 2018 Scholarship, please email all Forms in by December 30th, 2017 (to ocysa.accntng@gmail.com) or as soon as possible thereafter. Please type your child's full legal name in the subject header as well as the words "2019 OCG Scholarship".

Please make sure to print clearly on all forms, scan them, or take clear pictures of them in high resolution before emailing.

1.  Liability Waiver & Consent Form (everyone needs to fill-out this form)

2.  Scholarship Form  (everyone needs to fill-out this form)

3.  Volunteer Form  (everyone needs to fill-out this form)