Dear OCG Families,

We are have a Youth Beginner Scrimmages on January the 13th, 20th and 27th from 9AM-10:30AM in the Santa Ana HS Boys Wrestling Room, 520 W. Walnut St., Santa Ana, CA 92701. Depending upon how ma ny youth are at each scrimmage we may be also using the Girls Wrestling Room as well. 

After the scrimmages we typically serve (All-U-CAN-EAT) pancakes and sausage breakfast to all the OCG kids and families from 10:30AM-11AM.

Whether or not your son or daughter is competing in these Scrimmages, their showing up and helping is STRONGLY SUGGESTED. These types events and other events like these are great tools for youths' values & ethics development. During these pre-high schools years their ethics and values become DEVELOPED, so this is the time we as parents need to really focus on their moral and ethics development as later in life we may never get a chance to change what's created today.

Values we strive to build through Wrestling at OCG include but are not limited to:

  • brotherhood, friendship, empathy, compassion
  • openness, listening, welcoming, acceptance, recognition, appreciation;
  • honesty, fairness, loyalty, sharing, solidarity;
  • civility, respect, consideration;

The Ethics we strive to develop include but are not limited to:

  • trust, respect, camaraderie, integrity and leadership

These are the Values and Ethics of Leaders not Followers. So, regardless of whether or not your child participates in a particular scrimmage; their being a part of these scrimmages and helping their team, serving others and cheering on their teammates has multiple long-term benefits.

There will be as many as 100+ youth wrestlers at every scrimmage, 50% of them Beginners although we expect about the other 50% Advanced and Elite wrestlers. These event are designed to be FUN.

The idea is to give OCG youths the ability to work out with different types/styles of wrestlers while still being in a home instructional and fun environment. 

Here's what we need from every family

  1. Contact Lue Cruz via FaceBook/email/text to let her know if you are bringing anything. Her tel# 714-716-3173 or email (Note: if you have typically brought something in the past, please offer to bring the same item again for simplicity's sake.
  2. Let Lue Cruz know if you can help with early morning set-up, help with food service, coffee service or stay late to clean the food area, mop mats, etc..
  3. Let your Coaches know if your youth is competing or not.
  4. If for any reason you feel you are unable to contribute in #1 or #2, but your child is attending please feel free to just go online and donate $20 here: 
  5. Your donation of $20 will  you of any obligations for the scrimmage and you and  your child will still be able to EAT FOR FREE in the pancake breakfast and your responsibility stops there.

This scrimmage is a fundraiser for our team, so please consider this.


The following levels of OCG Youth can come to Scrimmages.

1. Newby/Beginners - Newbs are youths who have just started in the last month or two with no tournaments under belts yet.

2. Beginner/Novices -  Beginners are wrestlers with less than 20 matches under their belt and / or less than 2 years competition experience).

3. Advanced - Regional competition level wrestlers, may qualify for State but not win it

4. Elite - state champs/placers , used to competing up a level, qualifiers for national level competition


 Afterwards the 9-10:30AM scrimmage, we will have a 10:30-11AM ALL-YOU-CAN EAT Pancake Breakfast available to all from 10:30AM-11AM. Those whose families help/donate will be put on a list to eat pancakes for FREE.