Thank you very much for accepting our invitation to our Co-Ed Youth Wrestling Scrimmage. We are honored to have you as our guest.

Food: Occasionally we will have delicious tamales, burritos, ceviche and cold water for sale during scrimmages. Talk to a Team Mom or the Program Director for info about how to get some great food.

Location: Santa Ana HS Girls Wrestling Room, 520 W. Walnut St., Santa Ana, CA 92701


Format: Dual Meet 4 matches per mat, 1 minute periods, no scores, wrestle-to-pin

Waivers: Fill-out the Liability Waiver (Form #1) at and bring the Form to the Scrimmage then give it to the Program Director.

Sportsmanship: No punching, hitting, winding up cross faces, fish hooks, etc.. No politics, profanity, name calling maybe used by kids or parents. Parents may not lay hands on other parents or speak disrespectfully. Any (perceived) aggression from parents will be dealt with in a “zero tolerance” manner. Always shake hands after matches. Cheer all youth on and encourage everyone.

Clothing, no shirts or shorts with buttons, zippers and no jewelry on the mat please.

Hygiene, do not wear wrestling shoes outside the room, bring sandals or cleat skins to go to the bathrooms. Bring two water bottles also, because our rooms get hot.

Grooming, coaches are responsible for their team's grooming and finger nails. If any coach or parent sees any signs of ringworm, impetigo or other "skin funk" said athlete will be asked to leave the room, or the athlete must have their skin disease securely covered with bandages and the athlete must wear rubber gloves in the room so as not to spread it to other athletes. 

We will split all the youth/teens in the room into four (4) groups of wrestlers as follows by skill level and experience. Then within each of these four (4) group youths will be paired by weight and wrestle in a round robin fashion. Each match will be wrestled to the pin and no scores will be taken.

Parents are encouraged to watch and cheer on their kids, but not coach their kids.  We expect to have about 80- 100 youth wrestlers. Wrestlers will be split up into 4 sections by ability and experience level first.

1. Newby/Beginners - Youth with sub 1-season experience and/or sub-10 matches. Matched by weight. ASD or youth with learning disabilities and 2 years wrestling experience.

2. Beginner/Novices -  Beginners are defined as wrestlers with approx. 20 matches under their belt and / or less than 2 years competition experience). ASD or youth with learning disabilities and 3 years wrestling experience.This category is usually the largest.

3. Advanced - Regional competitive level wrestlers, State qualifiers etc..

4. Elite - State champs/placers , national qualifiers etc..