SUMMer fitness program, Documents Due in Early June

for training from July 2 – August 31, 2018

Synopsis, OCG and OCYSA are involved in a Summer Fitness Program along with a charter school so OCG and OCYSA will receive funds each time your son or daughter works out during the Summer. These funds can be applied to our 501(c)3 non-profit towards new wrestling clothes, wrestling shoes, team gear, workout equipment like throw pads, Wrestling Cards (USAW, AAU and SCWAY) as well as tournament fees. The funds are staggered out over ten (10) months starting late September

 Basic Guidelines:  

1) Each K-12 student-athlete must be CA resident in one of the noted CA counties.

2) Currently in K-12 (Kinder is entering Kinder in fall and 12th grade is entering 12th grade in fall).

3) Parents need to enroll in this program at enrollment Link -  land it will ask a number of questions. Parents will need to upload documents satisfying 4) & #5) below. The upload page is

4) Proof of Age (POA) – typically a copy of a birth certificate or CA Drivers Lic. School transcripts and others work as well.

5) Proof of Residency (POR)- a copy of a utility bill with a current date. Others may include Rental property contract, pay stubs with address, voter registration info etc..

6) Parents must fill-out this Master Agreement which may be downloaded here (Master Agreement). The address noted on the Master Agreement must match the address on your POR (Proof or Residency) documents.

7) Enrollment link is here - 

8) The beginning date is 7/2/18 and the end date is the day before the student goes back to their school of record. DO NOT FILL IN DURATION.

9) Parents please write as legible as possible. If it cannot be read – we will have to hunt you down and have it re-entered. Partial enrollment equals partial benefit (No free or reduced cost wrestling cards, wrestling insurance, no lowered tournament costs, no wrestling clothing, gear, shoes etc.  .

10) If a student goes back to school in mid-August, OCG will accrue less money than if they went back Aug 31st. This is dictated by when a student’s fall semester starts and cannot be manipulated. Parents and Kids will be sent info on how to view videos and do homework.

11) As students watch videos and do homework assignments this will create a type of PE log. At the end of the month parent and student will need to sign off on PE Log to verify work was done. If  they do not get these final sign offs – OCG will have done a lot of work for nothing – this is very important each month the PE Log is signed off. A representative from the State or our Charter may contact any parent to verify participation.

If as a parent or guardian you have any questions with 1) - 11) above call or text 714-907-5591