Orange County Grappling's (OCG's) mission is to use our Wrestling, Judo & Academic programs combined with mentoring as vehicles for positive change, equipping learning challenged, at-risk, under-served and mainstream youth with the tools to overcome obstacles to self-respect, growth, fitness, education, and personal success.


OCG was founded on the principle that all children have the right to be the architects of their own destinies, regardless of the circumstances they were born into. We also believe that all youth have the right and innate desire to be happy, successful, fulfilled and productive citizens that enhance the communities they live in.  This belief has endured since our first program in 2009, in the city of Huntington Beach, CA, in which our founder created social and dynamic training programs for his autistic & ADHD son. His goal was to help his son increase his inclusion via sports training, but also to overcome the hurdles of autism through physical, mental and social outcomes of personal success & social inclusion. His success with his son not only brought his son's grades up from D's & F's and A's & B's. His ability to socialize with his peers also increased.  To this day, our 501(c)3 non-profit organization, established in 2013, remains laser focused on running wrestling, judo, athletic and mentoring programs for not only mainstream but under-privileged/under-served and learning challenged student-athletes that positively alter the trajectory of their lives.


our motto

"technique beats strength,




Wrestling is mankind’s original sport. Long before the first Ancient Greek Olympics, had left it's imprint on our psyches. As soon as we could walk upright we have been wrestling each other to the ground for fun, camaraderie & competition. Cave drawings recording many of the same wrestling techniques still used today have been found dating back 5,000+ B.C.. Wrestling is a sport that shapes character, sharpens minds and develops both true confidence & humility. Where else can two competitors engage in a sport of "physical chess" employing intelligence, heart, balance, power, technique and strength without any expensive equipment? It's a fact that every known human culture boasts it's own indigenous style of wrestling. What other sport is so universal, so much a part of our DNA?  


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