Orange County Grappling's (OCG's) mission is to use our Wrestling, Judo & Academic Programs combined with positive coaching and mentoring as vehicles for positive change, equipping at-risk, under-served and mainstream youth with the tools to overcome obstacles to self-respect, growth, fitness, education, and personal success.


our motto

"I am the architect of my own destiny."
"Meae ipsius faber sum fortunae."


Wrestling is mankind’s original sport. Long before the first Ancient Greek Olympics, had left it's imprint on our psyches. As soon as we could walk upright we have been wrestling each other to the ground for fun, camaraderie & competition. Cave drawings recording many of the same wrestling techniques still used today have been found dating back 5,000+ B.C.. Wrestling is a sport that shapes character, sharpens minds and develops both true confidence & humility. Where else can two competitors engage in a sport of "physical chess" employing intelligence, heart, balance, power, technique and strength without any expensive equipment? It's a fact that every known human culture boasts it's own indigenous style of wrestling. What other sport is so universal, so much a part of our DNA?